“We will be forever grateful to the man who casually mentioned that he “knew a contractor” when we were about to give up hope of ever finding someone to work on our new home.  We wanted it done before we moved in, and every company we spoke with couldn’t even think of scheduling us for 6 months.  We immediately called the number we were provided and found John-Joseph.  He responded quickly to my call, and continued to do so throughout the build.  The “build” turned in to many months of remodeling, mind changing and head butting.  When French doors wouldn’t fit, John-Joseph and his crew made them fit, and we get complimented on them to this day.  When we needed to use the master bedroom closet, (a standard, tiny 1925 closet), for a 1/2 bath addition, John-Joseph had his crew built us a bigger, better closet!  When we needed a garden shed, a motorcycle shed and our garage almost fell down, due to no foundation, (it was built directly on the ground), John-Joseph and his crew came to the rescue and shored, built and solved every issue.  They weren’t fast and we didn’t care.  Because what they were was careful, mindful of details, knowledgeable when faced with a problem and never failed to show up when they said they would or leave our home, their job site, clean!”  Alan & Louise Lyman – Autumn 2012-Summer 2013