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“There is nothing wrong with doing it right, and nothing right with doing it wrong.”

I am John-Joseph Clark.

J2C construction is a small, craftsmanship oriented residential maintenance and remodel company.  Bringing craftsmanship to every aspect of construction and maintenance is the second most important lesson I have learned.  I have become a specialist in a wide variety of construction applications ranging from, but not limited to, demolition, concrete, framing, waterproofing, tile setting, decks and even the creation of a piece of custom furniture/cabinetry that you and I design together.  In addition, I have a home electronics expert on my team to provide computer, wi-fi, audio and video installation and maintenance.  Indoors and out!

The single most important lesson I have learned in the trades is; your dwelling is your castle.  Every aspect of your life, for better and for worse, transpires in or centers around it.  Upon invitation, I will listen to your ideas and dreams to forge a path within your budget while keeping an eye on the future.  My goal is to help you create a space that feels ‘right’ for you.  One that promotes a sense of accomplishment, solidity and joy.  When one is happy, contented and peaceful within their castle they naturally bring those sentiments outside to a world that seems to be in desperate need of them.

I will show up (on time), tell you the truth, and do everything we’ve agreed on.  What I want from you is your involvement in your project and of course remuneration.  Its really that simple.  The result of such a collaboration always results in success.  As 30+ years of customers without a single call back for failure confirms.

So, from sewer lines to shingles, handyman projects, regular maintenance or a dream/need you want fulfilled, give me a chance to make it happen for you.

Peace: J2




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We will make an honest effort to reply as quickly as possible to you.  Appointments are on a first come first served basis and can be scheduled weekday evenings or weekends.


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We will be forever grateful to the person who happened to mention that he “knew a guy” when, after months of searching, we couldn’t find even one contractor to begin our project(s).  I called John-Joseph who responded within hours and came to see us within two days.  He listened, offered suggestions, then listened some more.  His crew was on time, every day and worked cleanly.  I never come to check progress only to find them even one of them “goofing” off.  They were always busy.  The photo shows a beautiful walnut slab kitchen counter (one of two) which John-Joseph created for us.  A custom bit of work that didn’t break the bank.  (We did get a great deal on the wood which helped.)  We can’t wait to have he and his crew back for more!img_1571